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                          JILIN PROVINCE JIUZHENG INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURE CO.LTD is located in ChangChun...

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                          Product categories: continuous carburizing automatic line products...

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                          Heat treatment equipment technology is a major component of mechanical manufacturing technology...

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                          Jilin Province is a long time Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful North Spring City --- Changchun. The company is located in the core area of Changchun Automobile Industry Development Zone, adjacent to China First Automobile Group Corporation, covers an area of 20000m2, industrial plant 6000m2, office building 1500m2, fixed assets of 50 million yuan, is a research and development, production, , Training in one of the heat treatment equipment manufacturing and heat treatment parts processing of high-tech joint-stock companies.

                          Strong technical force, has a number of domestic heat treatment industry for more than 30 years of outstanding design...

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                          • Contact: Mr. Wang
                          • Tel: 0431-85737997 / 0431-85737979
                          • Fax: 0431-85737979
                          • E-mail: jiuzhenggongye@163.com
                          • Address: 717 Baolai Street, Changchun Automobile Industry Development Zone

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